Friday, June 5, 2009

"Add to List" feature in catalog

The Add to List feature allows you to make a list of items that are stored in the "My List" part of the catalog. It creates a list which can be emailed or printed. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to place all the books on Hold all at once. That has to be done individually. When you click "Add to List" the button changes to "Remove" which indicates which items you have placed on a list. You can click "Remove" to take the the item off the list. If you need to go back, click on the words "Go Back", not the back arrow on your browser.
To access the "My List" part of the catalog look in the pale green toolbar near the top of the list that "Go Back" is in, click, "My List". Here you have a brief list of the titles you have added, you can click View, Print Formatted, or enter an email address in the little box and click "Email" to send someone (like us to place the list on hold for you)
The last thing to know about my list that you can do multiple searches and continue adding to your list for about 10-15 minutes. So you can make a list of best sellers you want put on hold, or a list of books you want us to pull, and just email us the list which is faster for you than placing the books on hold individually.

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