Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Computer Classes

The library announces its Winter Computer Classes for 12/2010-2/2011. Come and learn with us!

Resume & Interviewing Skills on Job

Friday, 1/21, 2/11 at 11:00am Learn about the library’s service that reviews resumes and cover letters online and interacts live to review Interviewing Skills. Class size: 10 Instructor: KL, HB

Job Hunting 2.0:
11/29, 12/13 at 10:00am. Learn about Job opportunity aggregators like Indeed and Simply Hired – building effective searches and saving as RSS feeds, setting up a Google Reader and organizing RSS feeds, and using social media sites to market your personal brand/business. LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook etc…to search the Internet! Class size: 10 Instructor: LP

Setting Up An Email Account
12/7, 1/25, 2/15 at 2:00pm & Monday 1/10, 2/14 at 7pm Set up your own e-mail account with Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Class size: 3. Instructor: TM. SC

Basic Internet Searching
12/6, 1/3, 1/24, 2/14, at 10:00am & Wednesday 1/12 at 7pm. Learn how to search the Internet! Class size: 5 Instructor: DG

Facebook 101
12/14 or Thu 1/13 at 7:00pm
What is Facebook? An e-mail account is required. Class size: 10.
Instructor: LP,HB

Find That Book in our Koha Catalog
12/9, 1/20, 2/17 at 2:00pm Learn how to search our new library catalog. Class size: 3. Instructor: SC, CA.

Using “My Account” in the Koha Catalog
12/10, 1/14, 2/11 at 10am Learn how to use tags, lists, renew books and set your messaging preferences. Class size: 5. Instructor: MB.

Introduction to
12/29 at 7pm & Thursday 2/3 at 10:00am. Use the library’s online databases to research your family history. Class size: 10. Instructor: HB

Basic Word 2007
12/9, 1/6, 2/3 at 7:00pm & Wednesday 12/15, 2/16 at 10am. Learn about page layout, basic editing (selecting, replacing, inserting text), spell check, bullets, page breaks, images. Class size: 10 Instructor: CA, DG

Basic Excel 2007
1/4, 2/8 at 1:30pm
Find out what a spreadsheet can do for you. Discover columns and rows, formulas, worksheet tabs, colors, gridlines. Class size: 10 Instructor: BK

Basic Publisher 2007
12/14, at 1:30pm
Create your own greeting cards, flyers, newsletters, booklets. Come find out how to get started on making your own publications. Learn about layout, graphics, templates, saving, printing. Class size: 10 Instructor: BK

Google Docs
Jan 10 at 2pm
Learn how to save documents and spreadsheets online, and be able to access your work from any computer at any time! Valid email address required. Class size: 10. Instructor: CA

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