Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reading Assitive Technology

Library Receives Donation of Optelec Clear View Reader Magnifier

The library is pleased to announce to availability of a magnifier reader for all low vision patrons. Thanks to a generous donation, the library now has the Optelec Clear View Reader. The reader is available on the second floor along the western windows. Ask the Adult Department Librarians if you have any qeustions.

From the manufacturer...
The ClearView video magnifier is designed for the benefit of low vision people, including those with age-related macular degeneration. Many low vision people have discovered the joys of using the ClearView in their daily lives. Designed with simplicity in mind, place a newspaper or magazine on the movable reading table, beneath the built-in camera. The Auto-Zoom feature of the ClearView+ adjusts the on-screen level of magnification and image appearance automatically, regardless of the original document font size and colour. For those wishing to make the adjustments manually, a simple one-button control can be used to control magnification and image modes for reading text and viewing pictures in full colour, high contrast black-on-white and white-on-black.

The simple one-button control makes it simple to operate, whilst the ergonomic features make it comfortable to use. The large screen of the ClearView+ is mounted on a monitor arm that can be adjusted to maintain a comfortable posture and eliminate light reflections when reading.

All controls are placed at your fingertips on the ultra-low reading table instead of being placed on the front or side of the monitor.

To allow continuous reading, the reading table is designed to glide from left to right so that moving documents beneath the camera is much easier. To pause reading, press a button to lock the table and stop it from moving.

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