Thursday, January 19, 2012

Computer U Class- Winter 2012 Schedule

Classes are forming now! 

 Genealogy- Intro to  Wednesday, 2/29 @ 2 pm                                          
Learn how to use the database to research your family history.                                      

Skype:  Thursday, 3/1 @ 7 pm                
This class will teach you how to set up an account, how to call someone & how to add contacts. 

Create Photo Albums Using Your Digital Photos:  Wednesday, 2/1 @ 7 pm       
This class will teach you how to create a photo album using your digital photos.  Bring in electronic copies of your photos, a credit card and creativity. 

Travel Sites to Find Deals: Thursday, 2/2 @ 7 pm             
Thinking about booking a trip?  Learn about some of the online travel sites to find a deal.          

Facebook 101:Thursday, 1/26 @ 7 pm            
This is a very basic intro to Facebook.  Email required

Google Docs: Tuesday, 2/28 @  6:30 pm          
Learn how to create spreadsheets online, and be able to access your work from any computer at any time! A Google account is required. 
Introduction to Macs: Thursday, 1/26 @ 10 am                                           
This class is designed to acquaint the Mac novice with the essential skills and knowledge needed to comfortably navigate on an Apple computer, whether it is an iMac, Macbook, Macbook Air, or a Macbook Pro.                                          

MAC TIPS AND TRICKS: Thursday, 2/2 @ 10 am                     
For the Mac owner who already knows his/her way around a Mac, but would like to learn some additional tricks and shortcuts that will enhance the usability of their Mac. In this class we will cover: Finding files faster and more efficiently; customizing the mouse and keyboard; setting up “Hot Corners”; really erasing files from the computer; ejecting a DVD or CD that refuses to be ejected; forcing a program to quit when that wheel just won’t stop spinning; and finally, shutting your Mac down when it freezes.                                                                              

iPad Basics: Wednesday, 2/8 @ 7pm       
This class will explore the general settings & features of the iPad and how to find apps in the iTunes store.  Bring your iPad & know your iTunes username & password.

Find That Book in our Koha Catalog: 
Wednesday  2/8 @ 10 am or  Wednesday, 2/29 @ 7 pm     
Learn how to search our new library catalog.
ReQuest Interlibrary Loan:   Monday, 1/23 @ 7pm, Wednesday, 2/15 @ 9:30am, or
Thursday, 3/8 @ 2:30 pm       
Learn how to borrow books from other libraries on our statewide ReQuest interlibrary loan system.                      
Using Your Library Account: Friday, 1/27 @10 am 
Learn how to use tags, lists, renew books and set your messaging preferences.

E-books from the Library:  A How to ClassWednesday, 2/8 @ 11:30am or  Thursday, 2/16 @ 7pm or  Wednesday, 2/29  @ 11:30am or Thursday, 3/8 @ 7pm
Learn how to download an eBook onto your B&N Nook or other compatible e-Reader

Setting Up An Email Account
Monday, 2/6 @ 2:30 pm                                     Instructor: DG
Set up your own e-mail account with Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo!                                                              Class limit: 4
Basic Internet Searching:
Wednesday 2/22 @ 7pm           Instructor: DG
Learn how to search the Internet!                Class limit: 5
PowerPoint:  Wednesday, 2/23 @ 7pm          
Get to know “The Ribbon” & learn the basics of creating  a basic presentation.              

Basic Excel: Friday, 2/24 @ 10 am          
Find out what a spreadsheet can do for you. Discover columns and rows, formulas, worksheet tabs, colors, grid lines.        

Basic Word: Friday, 3/9 @ 2:30pm.                 
Get to know "The Ribbon." Learn basic page layout, formatting, and editing, including fonts, spacing, bullets, and cutting/copying/pasting.
Basic Publisher : Tuesday, 1/31 @ 7pm  or Wednesday, 3/7 @10 am     
Create  your own greeting cards, flyers, newsletters, booklets. Come find out how to get started on making your own publications. Learn about layout, graphics, templates, saving, printing.          

Introduction to JobNow! Online resume help:  Wednesday, 2/8 @ 2pm or  Monday, 2/27 @ 7pm                                                                                 
Online resume help. Does your resume need an update? Learn how to use JobNow! a website that helps you to create and submit a resume and receive feedback.     

Part two of JobNow! More resume help:  Wednesday, 2/15 @ 2 pm & Monday, 3/5 @ 7pm
More resume help. Come back and check out the feedback on your resume and learn more about the other ways JobNow! can help in your job search.   

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